Dan Crosby, a seasoned entrepreneur based in Windsor, Ontario, has made a notable impact across various industries. His wealth of experience in starting and scaling businesses, along with his expertise in marketing strategies and technology, make him a respected business leader. His hand-picked team of professionals is a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Real Estate

In the real estate industry, Dan has cultivated a substantial portfolio, currently valued over $100 million. His real estate journey began in 2008, with investments in Windsor, Ontario. As interest from potential co-investors mounted, he founded Coachwood Capital. The firm is devoted to procuring high-quality, cash-flow positive properties in premium locations. However, as the Canadian real estate market yielded fewer returns and offered limited scalability, Coachwood Capital broadened its focus to include larger multifamily properties in the U.S., offering greater growth potential.


In the business sector, Dan’s accomplishments are equally impressive. He built the brand Canadian Protein from the ground up, which is now valued at over $100 million. Additionally, he has launched multiple brands including Vegava and Synergy Private Label. His collaborations with renowned retail giants such as Costco, Walmart, and Rexall further demonstrate his prowess as a savvy business leader.

Dan’s portfolio also features the Coachwood Golf and Country Club and LuxxisVIP, a premier luxury livery service in Windsor. Despite acquiring the golf course in a state of disrepair, Dan utilized innovative technology and efficiencies to rejuvenate the business. LuxxisVIP, under Dan’s leadership, has navigated successfully through licensing requirements and cross-border certification.



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Dan Crosby

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